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Now back to both In-Person & Telehealth consultations

Telehealth Medicare Services

Recent changes to Medicare Telehealth services,

(because of COVID-19)

mean that anyone with a GP Mental Health

Care plan can get subsidised Telehealth services

For bookings;

Further information can also be found via the link below:

Bookings can also be made 24/7 via HealthEngine

For those in the country Telehealth allows you to have a Psychology consultation at a time that suits you, (e.g. while children are

at school, or gone to bed at night) without needing to factor in travel time,

to and from the Psychologist' office, on top of the consultation time.

Regardless of whether I am at the main Huntingdale or Perth (East)

office, I simply use the same appointment time for an online

appointment instead of an in-person consultation.

If you are interested, in making use of this service,

please call my booking service on 

1300 5067 68

(Mon-Fri 8am-5pm)

or email me for more information.


At the present time I am offering phone or Telehealth consultations as well as "in-person" consultations (with appropriate social distancing)

If you have a GP Mental Health Care Plan this will cover

Telehealth sessions

Under normal circumstances with Medicare, I can offer those outside the metropolitan area (including FIFO workers while on-site) Medicare Psychologist services via the internet, if you have a referral from a General Practitioner (GP).

At the present time those in the metro area, as well as those in country areas can access Telehealth Medicare services.

You can get up to twenty* Medicare subsidised sessions in a calendar year.

*Increased in the October federal budget